News for July 2010:

Joe Mon, Jul 26, 2010 "Next Friday" my ass! Okay, here's what's been going on. Though my data was successfully recovered, my old computer refused to turn away from the light and joined the choir invisible. Either whatever happened to my hard drive damaged it beyond repair, or something else happened that incidentally caused the hard drive to crash. Of course, I might have been able to start moving the site to 910CMX with other computers belonging to various loved ones I don't mind taking advantage of, but there's some kind of unresolved verification dilemma which is keeping me from F-ing my TP. Oh God does that sound filthy. I meant that I can't access the new server. That's all I meant to say. I'm sorry. The, ah, point is that the guy in charge of fixing it is out of town right now, and may be for just a few more days. So, see... not my fault, is what I'm saying. Totally not my fault. Like Han Solo. It wasn't his fault either.
But there's some really good news, as well! The commissions are coming along. If you want you can check out some work I've been doing at Jeffrey H. Wood's SnowBuni. And thanks to the insane generosity of a certain patron, I've already gained enough capital to purchase an affordable replacement computer! I've still got a ways to go before I pay off the data recovery, but thanks to this great friend things are nowhere near as tight as they could have been. So thanks, you. Yeah, you know who you are. You are now buried so far in my Cool List that you will never escape.
So all things considered, things are looking up. And God willing next Friday Zebra Girl will be back on track. But only if God wills it, right? If God doesn't then I guess that'll suck, but, y'know... not my fault.
Speaking of moving, My parents and me have been busy helping my sister prepare for a move to California. Which I only mention because it is neat. So any of you out there on the West coast, walk lightly. I don't want that thing dropping into the ocean any time soon.
Joe Fri, Jul 2, 2010 No, there's no comic this week. I'm sorry to hand you that, but a lot's going on right now. For one thing, my hard drive hard died. Which is not the disaster it could have been! I took it to these guys who sent it to these other guys who were fortunately able to recover the data. Which is good! What's less good is that it'll cost over $2200. Which is also not a disaster, but I'm going to be taking commissions for a while to help raise the money to pay it off. So it's good for you! If you're interested, send me an e-mail and we can discuss. I'll get around to setting up a proper page to list my rates and so forth. In the meantime, I have a back-up computer and scanner set up so the comic can continue.
There may still be some technical hiccups, though, as Zebra Girl will finally be leaving the halls of Keen for 910CMX, a cozy community of cartoonists not far from here. There's Dan Shive, Anne Onymous, and all sorts of other friendly characters, so I'll be in good company. Lots of changes are coming which will be both subtle and ingenious. The site will still be reachable through the domain name. The archives will be different. The whole operation will be given a makeover so as to be hopefully more functional and sexy, and we'll need to move forums. I hate to think of leaving the familiar community hub we've had for all these years behind, but clearly it's the responsible thing to do. Think of it like moving to a new neighborhood, where we're sure to make nice new friends. Or, if you'd rather, think of it as an ungodly savage wilderness which we must explore and tame. It can be both.
Meanwhile, just... keep doing what you're doing. And we'll deal with whatever we get next Friday.
Just think how nice it'll be to finally find out who's clapping.

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