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Joe Sat, May 29, 2010 Please notice the donation animation, because I worked hard on it and want to feel validation for that. But is that why the comic's so tiny? Is that my excuse? No, that wouldn't do. So I have another excuse ready. Here's the deal...

Remember when I started posting the comics a piece at a time, to keep the updates weekly? Remember how that actually worked for a while? Remember why I stopped? Because I don't. In fact, I only recently remembered that I'd ever done that. All that TV when I was a kid, man, it melted my brain but good. Thank God we've got the Internet now. Now we can sit on our asses and stare at an electric screen for days and days without sleep and there's no downside at all!

So yeah, if you'd forgotten too, here's the deal. I will post each comics page piece by piece, week by week, reassembling them in the archives as they're completed. The size of the updates will therefore vary depending on the format of each page... some will be larger, like next week's, and some will be smaller, like this week's. The upside is that I should probably be able to do this weekly as opposed to monthly. Thus will we have the illusion of rapid progress!

By the way, I'd like to thank you all for bearing with me as I find my feet with this new medium I've adapted. But I can't, because I have to thank some other folks right now. That's right, it's the fan artists again, here to make you feel like you're not as good as they are! And to make me feel just a little less guilty for not having so much comic for you today.

Why? Because David Strait up and made a fan comic of his own! Like the alternate universe that NJ Huff and Orion Gates established with Angel Sandra, this takes place in a parallel continuity where Sandra exists in yet another form. What form? Kicks ass, that's what form. Page 1 and page 2, check them out! In that order!

Now, what has Maggie G. Vicknair got for us, aside from a beautiful and whimsically sinister webcomic of her own and a delightful name? Why, it's a sublime "family crest" of all of Sandra's former friends! Damn, Maggie! Nice work! Girl knows what she's doing.

So, that's the update. Next week you'll get something about three times larger than this one. And the week after that, you'll get something else.

I'm certain this will solve everything.
Joe Thu, May 6, 2010

It's on my to-do list! How many times must I say it?? All I have to do is reformat my computer, get enough space, re-scan my entire early archive again (which I already did, but a computer crash put the kibosh on that), rework the comics in Photoshop, get a publisher, work out the mechanics and... well it'll happen! And sooner than you think!! And the upside is that the volumes should come out very quickly once I get going, since I already have ten years worth of material.

Ten years...


So I've kept this rickety ship afloat now for a whole damn decade of human history. And I've probably got a number of years yet to go before I finish! And many more projects to look forward to. And in many ways it still feels like I'm just now becoming proficient with my craft. Still, I keep coming back to the things I've done wrong... the things I haven't achieved. Let's face it, as webcomics go I've managed the art and writing duties, but everything else I've handled fairly badly. Donation incentives, community building, advertising, merchandising, publishing, watching statistics, scheduling... I am a piss poor manager. The fact of the matter is, I'm not really sure how many people even still read this comic. With Keenspot's repeated restructuring, I no longer know where to look for that information! And even if I did, I probably wouldn't understand the data. I have little tech savvy when it comes to...

Oh, why am I harping on the negatives? Just clearing the air I guess. Maybe I feel like by laying it on the table I'll be better able to solve these shortcomings. And now's the best time to start! Or, well, any time before now would have been better, but you get my drift.

Y'know, I'll be thirty by the end of this year, and that means I've got a good 'nother decade of not being forty. It's always been my philosophy that it's better to look forward than to look backward. So I'll just take pride in not having done a worse job, and look forward to doing a better one. In a way every page I make is like beginning anew, but with the advantage of having everything I've already built in place to aid the endeavor. That's the beauty of this job... the potential is endless. So welcome to Zebra Girl! It's the story of Sandra, a demon trapped in a human's body. Let's see where it goes!

Okay, enough with the annual re-affirmation. Here's business. Or is it pleasure? The fans are helping me celebrate! Have you seen the great Shiro's version of our Mr. Collywobble? Go see! Because it's great, and great to have Shiro's fan art again! And look over there! Mawgan Dell has finished another chapter of the ongoing Chronicles of a Demon! That chuffs me! I am chuffed! Way to go!

Ahh, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with good friends. How about in front of a computer? Yes, that's much better!

Here's to ten.

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