News for February 2010:

Joe Fri, Feb 5, 2010 God, why is it that whenever I break a deadline, instead of not breaking it the next time I break it more?? Well I can give no excuses that wouldn't sound like excuses. Though I could blame it on the dog and it'd be pretty true. Damn canines are intentionally ruining my work schedule.

But maybe this will help make me look better if I stand beside it. TarawynWorldwalker committed a fan-art first by joining two of my ongoing properties! That is, Zebra Girl meets Maniacal Laughter! Isn't that cute? Man, I have to finish getting that project off the ground so that most of you will understand what's going on. I have such a nasty damn habit of leaving things unfinished... Hell, my portfolio site updated once several years ago and I'm still "getting around to it!" What's up with that?

Just bad I guess.

See you in ten days... Yeah, I'll say it again. I have no shame.

P.S. - For anyone who's wondering, "SCAB" stands for "Scowlworthy College of Artsy Bastards."

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