News for December 2009:

Joe Wed, Dec 23, 2009 Season's greetings! To help the holidays along, your friend and mine David Strait has gifted us with some fan art of Sandra being evil. And so festive! A nice fire is just the thing to get us in the mood. I'm glad Sandra's found company, no one should be lonely this time of year. So, however you spend it and whatever you call it, have a happy old time with the last dying remnants of 2009.

Peace up the wazoo.
Joe Thu, Dec 3, 2009 So let's say every ten days now! That's a good balance, right? Right??

Oh look, the Fan Media page is updated. Go! Go and see the masterworks these visionaries have made from the sweat of my brow! Go! And let your vision be clouded by awesome.

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