News for December 2007:

Joe Sun, Dec 23, 2007 I'm not going back to the old style, if that's what you're thinking. Don't think that. This is just a flashback to an overlooked spot in Zebra Girl's history. I'm hopping right back to the pro comics page format next update. Seriously, this was a kick to do for nostalgia's sake, but I can not go back to drawing that small on a permanent basis. That having been said, Happy Holidays! You probably deserve it.
Joe Thu, Dec 13, 2007 Wow. Has it actually been that long since I typed anything here?? Well... from now on I really will do this more often, like I said I would! Every update! Because people love me, I'm funny and you all want to hear what I have to say! I'm sure of it.

Hey, thanks for helping me reach another donation goal, guys. Seriously. I've actually received more donations than the meter there suggests, which I'll add to the tally for the next one, if that's okay. I just had to rush that gif into production when a certain fine someone made a hefty donation and the amount suddenly went all the way to five hundred, and I would've felt bad about adding donations made when it looked lower than it was. And I feel bad enough about totally failing to make new desktop images, I've got to do like five now just to catch up. Damn, I suck at deadlines.

Of course, I might've finished that sooner if I hadn't been working on the site, tinkering with the HTML, as is my habit. But good news! I think I finally got the front page just how I like it. So I'm sure you're happy about that. Next I'll do the fan sections! You have no reason to disbelieve me, do you?? None at all!

But here's something I'm sure you're not happy about. That mousepad I'm selling in the Cafepress store - I finally ordered one myself, and it's got this lousy white stripe along the bottom! Has that happened to anyone else?? If so, I apologize. That really shouldn't be there, I could've sworn I had it lined up so it looked right in the preview. If you ordered one and that happened to you, or if it didn't, let me know. 'Cause that bugs me. I might've fixed the problem now, but I'll order another one and see if it turns out the same.

Man, I wonder what'll happen to Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew? I hope they turn out okay.

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