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Joe Sun, Jun 10, 2007 Ug. Late, late, late. I seem to have fallen into a slightly less-than bi-weekly schedule. Well heck, since I'm pretty much doing a full-page comic every update that probably evens out... like... somehow. Hope that's alright with you. I'll try to keep things moving at a brisk pace, anyway.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we rant.

Let me tell you, one of the biggest risks doing creative work is in becoming a hermit. It's just so easy to withdraw from the world. Desktops are due, I haven't been answering e-mails, I've been ignoring this news section, I certainly haven't been giving proper attention to my many beautiful lady-friends who absolutely do exist outside of my fantasies. And like I say every time this happens, all that needs to change. To start with, I think I'll get in the habit of always saying something here, whenever I update. Just because I don't have much to say, doesn't mean it's not good to talk. So...


Oh, has anyone seen those "I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC" things on Youtube? Funny stuff, man. It's like... kind of like Matt Gardner's stuff on Newgrounds. That's good too. Comics are easy to make fun of. How about that "Ultimate Crisis of Infinite Countdowns," eh? Can't Marvel and DC go one month without starting some grotesque, bloated mega-crossover storyline? And when did Iron Man become such a bastard? I don't mind that, really, I enjoy variety and easy targets, but what is this going to do to his movie prospects? What kind of character is he going to be on film? For the last couple of decades, his only notable character traits have been that he's an alchoholic and mildly Machiavellian. Now he's this utter pontificating backstabbing politician. The latter portrayal is the first time I think he's ever had a sustained, distinct personality, but if they play him like that everyone'll hate him. Unless Mr. Downey Jr. can manage to portray bastardhood as likable, which I doubt. But what else have they got to work with? And another thing, has everyone seen the new Joker? As played by Heath Ledger? I know it's not wise to judge beforehand, but this bugs me. Why is it that every time they bring the Joker to screen they feel the need to make him more horrific with some kind of gimmicky super-deformity? Nicholson's Joker (which I did enjoy) had his face literally warped into a permanent grin, and now Ledger's Joker is, apparently, going to have huge chunky scars and crazy lipstick all over him. Isn't the chalk-white skin, red lips and green hair deformed enough? Who keeps saying we have to make one of the undisputed greatest villains of all time "cooler" or "scarier" than he's been for the last half-a-century? Cesar Romero did just fine without him being horribly deformed. But I guess in the next film series they'll have the Joker's smile be due to a batarang lodged upside-down in his jaw. No, you want to see a really great treatment of the character? Check out the fan film "Patient J." Now that, my friends, is how you depict a classic like the Joker.

Hey, I did have stuff to say after all.

Next; check those e-mails...

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