News for May 2007:

Joe Fri, May 11, 2007 Sorry for the impromptu delay, folks, the adventures of Spring have kept me busy. What do electrocuted mice, broken water heaters, exploding humidifiers and disintegrating forests have in common? I now have experience with all of them. And look, T. Campbell was canny enough to interview me! So if you're interested in hearing what I sound like over a phone line, check it out.

Another thing worth noting, I suppose, is that Zebra Girl is now over seven years old.


I've heard it said that in the course of seven years, every molecule in your body is recycled and you have in effect become an entirely new person. I'll let you muse on the appropriate symbolism as it relates to the comic... I'm sure anything I could add will already have occurred to you... I'm going to go get something to eat. And tomorrow I'll see Spider-Man 3 with my mother.

Crazy seven years. Crazy kind of crowd to spend it with.

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