News for April 2007:

Joe Sun, Apr 8, 2007 Annnnd... Go.

Okay, I'm back! Zebra Girl's back! Really back! But she's come back... changed.

Yes, this is the dawn of a weird new day. No, don't be confused... that's not another guest comic. That is actually an official installment of Zebra Girl you're seeing up there. Inspired by online cartoonists like Tracy Butler, Remy Mokhtar and Bleedman, I have made a decision to alter somewhat the traditional style of this publication, to render it in a manner which may lend itself better to print and artistic endeavor. In other words... Zebra Girl is now an online comic-book.

Of course, I freely acknowledge that there are drawbacks to all this. Pacing this story in a manner appropriate to a comic book means that the plot might not advance as quickly, as each page may take more space and time to depict events as they unfold. The lettering could seem unnecessarily large, since it's being made to be easily readable in print. Please bear with me while I try this all out, and please, PLEASE let me know what you think.

Now, as for the comic itself, you may have noticed that these two... people just showed up out of the blue. Well don't worry, I'm not going to stay on this tangent long. We'll get to Sandra and her business soon, this page and the next one will be but a brief prelude and a chance for me to flex my muscles, take this new format for a test drive. So that by the time I do get back to the main characters, I'll be ready to screw with them with confidence. And you, too! Stick with me, and before long I'll be screwing with all of us in ways you have never seen!

Ahh. Oh, and I'm making a few little changes to the website itself. A nip, a tuck, you know. You probably didn't notice. Work in progress. I hope you don't mind having to go to another page for Sandra's Journal, but I thought it'd be less confusing to put it in a kind of context. Again, let me know what you think as I continue to work on the site.

I can't believe I'm using blue-line paper now.

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