News for March 2007:

Joe Fri, Mar 30, 2007 Eric Moore's going crazy! He's making guest comics left and right! I don't know if we can stop him!!

Okay, this is the home stretch. Eric's bringing us in gracefully with a trilogy of guestwork, and I'm sure we couldn't possibly have done better. Yes! There's more! How will Young Professor Broadshoulders handle this one?? Stay tuned to find out!

In case you don't know, Eric is the puppetmaster behind the hilarious Youthtopia and The Tailybones. Now you know. Isn't that great!? Have fun!

We're going to have fun when I get back, too. Oh, I have such things in store.
Joe Mon, Mar 26, 2007 Danielle LaBove proves her mettle with the latest fan comic. Thanks Danielle, it kicks ass! I'll just bet that if he had Internet access Gregore would spend his time being melodramatic online. Say, all of you go check out more of her great art. That is not a request.

By the way, the hiatus is nearing completion. Strange way of putting it? Let's see what happens.
Joe Fri, Mar 23, 2007 Luna-Kitsune-Blu shows us the potential downsides to Sandra's quest for humanity. Well, it'd be a downside to Sandra anyway. Awesome job Blu-Chan! You impress us all with your skills of great justice! If Zebra Girl was ever made into a real, honest-to-god manga, I know for certain who I'd recommend for the art chores. Oh, you can see a larger version of this comic in her gallery at DeviantArt.
Joe Mon, Mar 19, 2007 Let's speed things up a little, shall we? I'm getting still more fan comics, and they're all eager to have their moment in the sun! Besides, it'll be novel updating the site more than once a week for a change.

This one, this one here, is here with us today only by the good grace of Skangl! And once again Skangl, you have shown yourself to be a fan of admirable initiative and talent. Thank you. And by the way, I am VERY impressed with how you render Broadshoulders/Gregore. VERY.

Butwoah! New guest comics are incoming! Duck and cover!!
Joe Fri, Mar 16, 2007 It doesn't count as cursing! The "hi" is fuzzed out! See? Anyway, this latest guest comic is courtesy of Matthew Harris of Floyd and Mike. Thanks Matthew, we all appreciate it! Don't we, all? Yes we do. ...I know I do.

Hmm... these guest comics are coming kind of slow, aren't they? Just once a week, without any entries in Sandra's Journal... this hiatus is dragging. I'm going to have to perk things up somehow... Oh! I know! How about a new free desktop? That's somehow! Check it out in the store - number 16. On the 16th! Cute. Now I believe that's all the desktops due from the past several "Joe Does Something" drives. I believe. But in this crazy world, who knows what to believe anymore?

Speaking of which, the "blue plaid" edition of the "Does Something" project isn't doing too well. But that's to be expected, since I haven't done much this month to inspire donations! Yeah, I don't really expect money for nothing, I just put him up there because I thought leaving the "pink/orange plaid-superhero" gif up would get boring. It's really just to get a head start on when the comic starts back up again. So we'll just keep him around over next month too, by which point I'll have likely started putting comics up on this site again. If you don't want to consider donating until I actually start producing content, that's cool. And if you feel like donating anyway, that's awesome!

Now, what do you suppose Sandra's getting up to in all this time...?
Joe Fri, Mar 9, 2007 This comic comes to us (albeit primarily to me, and from me to you) from Ry Gipson. Thanks Ry! That falls fairly squarely into the category of gags I wish I'd thought of myself. It's a rare human being who can keep one step ahead of the likes of me! "Rare" being a relative term. Slightly.

And now that's it. I used up the rest of the news last week.
Joe Fri, Mar 2, 2007 Today's guest comic was written by Orion Gates of Beyond Reality and drawn by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit. They did a GREAT job and their respective comics are great too. Thanks guys!

And... that's it. I used up the rest of the news yesterday.
Joe Thu, Mar 1, 2007 I hope you all can forgive me this, but... I've decided to extend this hiatus a while. And for several reasons.

For one thing, new guest comics have unexpectedly shown up at my doorstep (including an interesting project in the forums by one Pnelma Tirian) and it would be a crying shame not to give them their day in the sun. And for another thing, this break from Zebra Girl is just going too damn well. I am getting SO MUCH DONE. I created a kickass online portfolio and heightened my HTML and Photoshop skills quite a bit in the process, I've learned how to make business cards at home for both of my websites, I've finally been getting the chance to draw and develop new ideas, my resume has been expanding, I went to the NYC Comic-con and made loads of new connections (if you were there Sunday then hey! Maybe you actually saw me. Neat, huh?) and I've generally been getting my act together in all sorts of new and exciting ways. Don't get me wrong, I love Zebra Girl as much as I've ever loved any artistic endeavor I've ever made, but taking a break from her has been such a breath of fresh air.

At any rate, the beauty of being a webcartoonist is being your own boss, and sometimes you just gotta be good to your employees. I hope the guest comics, Sandra's Journal, and the latest new free desktop (in the store) will satisfy you for now. Speaking of which, if you look in the art section of the aforementioned kickass online portfolio you'll find that I've incorporated the 640x480-sized versions of most of the desktops to date. So if you want 'em... you've earned 'em. For sticking with me and this crazy comic, if for nothing else.

I'll start the comic proper back up again soon, and I'll let you all know when. Probably sometime this month. But until then, enjoy the fan comics and... well... just try and think of this little vacation as an early anniversary present I'm giving to myself.

Has it really almost been seven years, now...? Good lord...

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