News for February 2007:

Joe Fri, Feb 23, 2007 So! The guest comics are rolling right along, one more to go before the month's out! This latest comes from William Duke of The Nerdening. Show your appreciation however you want, just make sure that it's shown. Read his comic, if you don't already. That's a start. Thanks William!

The Fan Site is rolling right along too, already you can find there new fan art and new additions to ongoing fiction! The place is still under construction of course, so by all means feel free to comment or make suggestions in the forums.

So that's all for now. Go now. Go look at comics.
Joe Fri, Feb 16, 2007 Hello again, hope you had a nice Valentine's, we all missed you over here, how've you been enjoying this blah blah blah down to business. Okay! Here, here's the first guest comic for this hiatus. This guest comic is by Bren MacDonald. Thanks again Bren, you continue to pay your way. If it weren't for Bren, why... you wouldn't have this neat guest comic to look at. And hey, that would be tragic.

Now, you're probably wondering what I've been doing with myself all this time. Or if not, you should have been. Because it might've been something horrifying. It wasn't, this time... you were lucky. But here's what it is! Do you remember how a long, long time ago I created another website for myself? A portfolio site? But it was only ever half-finished? Do you? Huh? Well, now it's all-the-way finished. There's not much there yet that you probably haven't seen before, but do your damndest to enjoy my Obsessive Thoughts.

But I wasn't the only one busy online this month - Phillip (that's "Shortyland05" to you forumeers) is spearheading the construction of a new Fan Site! As in, a site for fans, by fans, where fans can post fan work! Because we all know I kind of suck at keeping fan work ordered myself. So it only makes sense. We'll see how it develops, and before long I might be linking directly to this new site as the prime repository for all things... fanny.

By the way, I hope you've enjoyed Joe Doing Something so far. This last one dragged out a bit beyond a single month, just because I'm so easygoing. I mean, if I had swapped it out when February hit then you would never have known what that particular Joe would've Done! And I couldn't do that to you! It would have destroyed you! So we'll start fresh when March hits. And yes... I know I owe desktops. I'm working on 'em.

Now lastly, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who's offered praise, support and well-wishing over the past several months. Catching up on my e-mails recently I noticed a particular number of Christmas greetings. And I have to say, again, that it really is all appreciated. Is there any better type of friend than a fan? I wonder.

It's not like I have many regular friends, anyway.

Ah, but we'll talk more in a few days, when the next guest comic goes up. Well... I'll talk. You'll listen.

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