News for January 2007:

Joe Mon, Jan 29, 2007 H'arright. This is sudden, I know, but... Look. Folks. ...And the folk-like. Every now and again, I just have to take a break from Zebra Girl. And you know what? It's been now and again for at least a week. This last storyline seriously took over my life. I've been neglecting the forums. I've been neglecting your fan work. I've been neglecting my other websites. I've got about a hundred and seventy e-mails I need to respond to (so if you've e-mailed me anytime in the last couple of weeks and I haven't responded... that's why). I haven't even found it in me to update the news posts on this site until right now! And, of course, I've been neglecting things in my life that don't even have anything to do with computers.

Now, we all know that hiatuses are a natural part of a webcomic's life. And I am sorry about this, I know they tend to suck regardless. But I'll be back in about a month! I couldn't stay away from you anyway, you guys've been great to me lately and it's really inspiring. And thanks to that, I've been nominated for Best Black and White Art again in The 2007 Web Cartoonists Choice Awards! That's awesome, and you're awesome for helping me out.

Now, if anyone wants to try their hand at making fan comics to try and fill the horrific, gaping void that will no doubt fester in your souls like an untreated wound while you wait desperately for the holy medicine which is my comic, feel free! Send them to me and I'll showcase them on the site and put 'em in the archives. I wonder what I would call that, in the storyline guide... Guest Comicopolis? The Substitutionalization Sensation? The Prime of Miss Jean Fancomic? Well I'll jump that bridge if I come to it. Anyhow, I know it's short notice, but that's what happens when I neglect my news section.

The site might not be totally dead, anyway. I still owe you all free desktops for the fundraiser. That Joe may yet Do Something. And there may soon be a new site altogether, to showcase fanwork. I do have other projects online, and I might post the occasional link. I've got so much crap that I need to get in line, some of it's bound to interest you!

So there. That's it for now. That's... man, looking back, that newspost kinda sucks. I can't even string sentences together in a wry or sardonic fashion right now. I must really need a breather.

Then let's say... comic retuurrrnnss... March first. Why not. Yeah. Then we'll really see what zany mischief Sandra and company get all up to in the '07.

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