News for December 2006:

Joe Sun, Dec 3, 2006 You may have noticed the extra-large update this week... I think we're all a little anxious for this storyline to work itself out, so I'm going to try and kick it into high gear a little. We can take a breather when we wrap this up.

Oh wow, I still haven't found time to do the fan art. Next time Gadget, next time. Sheesh, I take longer to finish things than... than something which... takes a long time... to finish... things. Yeah. ...Sorry.

Now, another month has passed on forever, but this time the monthly goal wasn't met. That's cool, it's just the second one of these I've done and I'm still testing the waters. I'm certainly not complaining to you guys, I'm still great big chunks of grateful for all the generous donations I've received, they're really helping me get by. Next time I'll aim lower, perhaps at my original goal of 500 a month.

In fact, I'm so grateful that... what the Hell, I'mo Do Something anyway. If I'm lowering the bar back down to 500 from now on then I may as well say that qualifies for this month as well. So there, see? My head explodes. That's something! And I'll come up with a new free desktop soon too. And re-vamp the store. And put up the fan work. And make print versions of my work. And, and...

One thing at a time Joe. Two at most.

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