News for October 2014:

Sat, Oct 25, 2014 Hey, appropriately enough, this gruelingly difficult page came through me on my birthday! As many of you apparently know. I'll send my heartfelt thanks towards everyone who's taken the time to make me feel happily birthdated. Thanks, all of you, really, thanks. I've certainly gotten a great gift from my collective audience, both through feedback and via all that's gone into my Patreon program! It's made several dreams come true already. And, of course, if you've done neither of those things then I'll thank you just for reading!

I would say more, but I've been awake for... two days? How long? Anyway. I better go or I'll run out of energy completely and die. Wouldn't that be timing! Eh? Eh? Well, I still don't want to. So I'll just bow out now and promise you riches in a sparkling future.

Joe Sat, Oct 4, 2014 This comic marks a slight change... it's a little taller than the comics that came before. I guess that'll be the standard from now on. Don't ask how or why... it's a long, sad story. But speaking of changes, I want you people to study the fonts in today's page. The citizens are using a slightly revised version of the custom font. Jack's talking in the current standard. Which is better? Can you even tell a difference?

Well I'll tell you what I can tell a difference in, and that's my quality of life since the Patreon campaign was added to Zebra Girl! I can't describe what a tremendous boon it's been, having so many of you helping the comic like this, but it's made the whole affair so much more manageable, let me tell you, it makes the years I spent beforehand seem like a stinking insufferable nightmarish Hell. Well maybe that's hyperbole, but the point stands - the support of viewers like you has aided this comic in ways you can't even see. But you should know. So here, here's something you can see...


I present to you all this picture with humble appreciation of your generosity and thoughtfulness. I can't give you an actual life-sized medal to hang on yourself, but if you capture the image and blow it up really huge and then get creative with arts and crafts you could probably create a reasonable facsimile, and when you wear it I want you to know... it's from the heart.

Thank you, friends. This honor is all yours.

Wait... is it mine? I don't know, which would be more appropriate to say? I write these news posts right after slaving all night finishing the page, I'm exhausted by the time I get to talking. I'm imagining my hair falling out in clumps, I don't even know half of what I just wrote. Hey, where'd that picture come from??

Well you get what I mean. There's honor, is what it is, and I want you to know. Because, you?

...Good as gold.


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