News for April 2015:

Sat, Apr 25, 2015 This is something that deserves to be said every week, but I'll hope it's enough to just say it once in a while... thanks again to everyone who's decided to help support the comic through Patreon! The value of your generosity is inestimable, it eases my various burdens in a million thousand little ways. It's given new life to this comic, weird and tingly new kinds of life that I have yet to categorize! So thank you, even if you've just signed up for a dollar or two every month, it's impossible for me to exaggerate. It's like a billion exploding suns granting me godlike power to bring joy to everyone in the Universe!

Well... alright, that might be hyperbole. A little. But, y'know. Still!

Sat, Apr 18, 2015 It's important to have a vampire with a bowl standing by when you're pulling magic nails out of another vampire's back. Good opportunity for conversation.

Now, I don't know why sections of the site are missing, they seem to be intact when I peer into the FTP mines. It's always something, eh? Well, it'll get fixed one way or another. Reminds me, I said I'd look into making a mirror site... not that that would make a difference when it's the peripheral pages that go missing.

In happier news, I had myself a time at MoCCA Fest! If we happened to meet, I'll say it was a pleasure to have met you. I hope the feeling's mutual, though I won't blame you if it wasn't... I was fairly lethargic on Saturday, and I'm afraid I wasn't at my best. But rest assured, I'm a magnificent charismatic dynamo for the most part, so just use your imagination and I'm sure that'll be just as good.

Did anyone notice I went back and put a little scar on Sam's ear in the last comic? Breaking my own rule again, but artists are nothing if not capricious.

Sat, Apr 4, 2015 I should have mentioned this last week, in case you're not plugged in to Patreon... Zebra Girl: Volume 2: The Twilight Zoo now exists in e-book form (y'know, a PDF). I'm going to set up a method for purchasing it through PayPal soon. Probably replace that old banner on the right. It collects comics ranging from 2002 to 2005, and hopefully now that it's designed I'll be able to get it onto real paper!

Meanwhile, Happy Easter! If you're inclined to celebrate it. Good time for eating candy anyway, eh?


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