News for January 2015:

Sat, Jan 3, 2015 Thank goodness for editors, eh? Well I don't have any, not in a professional sense, anyway, so I have to rely on you all. A friend e-mailed me and told me that the nail gun I'd initially drawn in Jack's hand wasn't appropriate for the kinds of nails it was firing. Thankfully I'm still in my "Grace Period," meaning that I allow myself to edit the comic within the first day (or so) of posting. So, a bit of dedicated work later, and presto! I've magically changed the model of Jack's nail gun.

Y'know, when I was doing my research a part of me wanted to use the model with the triangular shape. I guess I should've listened to that part. But if you want to see the comic the way it was before I used my God powers to change reality, here it is!

...This story isn't nearly as interesting as I thought it would be, is it?

Sat, Jan 3, 2015 Nothing like starting a new year with a brief site outage!

No, seriously. What else is that really like?


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