News for May 2015:

Mon, May 18, 2015 Oh man oh man, I hate to do this. Such an embarrassing inconvenience for everyone involved. But it's unavoidable sometimes, even for someone of my vast powers.

I'm afraid that a bit of business is taking me away from my life's work this week. It's a hideous travesty that this delay takes place during Zebra Girl's fifteenth anniversary month, but... maybe we could think of it as a birthday present, giving her a single week off during which you can fill the void with the limitless wonder of your own imagination!

Yeah, let's go with that.

So I do apologize. The comic will resume come month's end. And I'll just bet it'll be even better because we put it off a little! Because that's how things work, y'know.

Sat, May 16, 2015 ...Well, it's next week, and I didn't do anything. Sheesh. Didn't even get it up on the fifteenth! Though I guess that trick could work any year.

But shoot, it's the comic's fifteenth anniversary month! I oughta do SOMEthing. Well... maybe next time. Geez, like make a fancy birthday image or... just some kind of thing to mark the occasion... seriously, what other cartoonists do you know who would let a fifteenth anniversary come and go with nary a blip in the archives?

Still a few weeks left in the month, though. I'll just have to come up with something before June...

Maybe I'll just contemplate what an experience it's been, what a blessed opportunity for both humility and pride, honing my skills and telling Zebra Girl's story, which, I'm told, has influenced many people over the last decade and a half. But, again... I can do that anytime.

And I do.


...Incidentally, didja notice that after fifteen years I still can't settle on a way to draw noses? 'Cause I want to draw attention to that.
Sat, May 9, 2015 Hmm.

Y'know... think I'll celebrate next week. Try to get the comic up on Friday. Make a thing out of the number "15." Never could remember the exact date, anyway...

The control panel says there are 700 comics in the archives, too. Though with filler material, guest comics, previews and whatnot, who knows what that even means!

Man. Fifteen... yeah, I'll have to do something next week.

Sat, May 2, 2015 Hm. Kind of an awkward third panel. Enh, that's how it is when you're an artist. At least for me! Every little thing is fraught with some measure of uncertainty, like you're on a stage and you never know whether or not your clothes are an optical illusion which the audience can see through in the right light. Well... the up side is there's always tomorrow night's performance.

Been a lot of nights, now... didja notice that we're coming up on someone's birthday?


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