COLORED COMICS - I experiment with color every now and then, though I prefer black and white. But I've been told it's not my forte.
ZEBRA SIGHTINGS - Every now and then, Sandra or her associates pop up in unexpected places. It's nice to have friends, isn't it?
Framed!!! (2, 3)
Sandwich World (Story Arc)
Mindmistress (2)
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DeViations (Story Arc)
Sluggy: Copyright Club
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Golden Age of Adventuring
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Tales From The Crossroads
The Whiteboard (2, 3)
Super Chibi Death Bots
Shades of Grey
The Green Avenger
Charby the Vampirate (2)
THE ZEBRA CAPER - This is what happens when fans get out of control.
Ah, this was quite the experience. Tom Martin and his stylin' Aussie henchman Rabidazell thought it would be fun to cause trouble during the Framed!!! Great Escape (from which not even we were spared [case in point]), and the result was predictably chaotic. I mistook the first strip for fan art, and paid dearly.
Strip 1/Strip 2/Strip 3/Strip 4/Strip 5/Strip 6/Strip 7
I'd go on, but it's really more Sandwich World's story after that point. I will however say that the guys weren't having a toga party, just playing cards. Jack wanted strip poker, but you can guess where that led.
THINGS I'VE DONE - These are the animations I've made so far to celebrate the donations which make this comic run smoothly. Or, well... smoother.
COMIC AWARDS - Gifts and honors from those who like me, who really like me. Or at least they like what I do.
Screw it, I got so tired of waiting around for somebody to give me an award I just up and got myself one they were throwing out. Ah, well. Technically it's not cheating if they invite you to do it. And it's a cool site too, one of the god-like Ape-Lawyers! So clicky and validate my egotism.
Wow, and here's a real one. Just about TWO FREAKING YEARS in the coming, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Well... I guess they could with that last award, but anyway. So, Skangel! Yes, Skangel is the first person ever to send me an award. I'm not even sure how to feel... how does Skangel feel, I wonder, to have at last come to his senses in a world gone mad? Pretty good, I bet! I'm honored to be honored by smart people.


Woah... I freaking won! I thought for sure Sinfest was going to get it. Not that I'm complaining. This is one of the only things in the world with which I can't find anything to complain about! ...At least, I can't think of anything yet.
I'd like to thank everyone who made it possible. The Committee, of course. Sandra and the gang. My family, my fans... it sure hasn't been easy trying to meet their expectations again and again over the last four years. Hell, at times it's been utterly miserable. But that's what tells you when you're really doing something you love, when you endure and push past discomfort, even if it used to be a carefree pastime.
Yeah, webcomickering's a lot harder in some ways than I thought it'd be, back when I just drew stuff for myself. Maybe I don't enjoy my art as much as I used to. But I do take more pride in it than I ever did, and that gives me gooshy feelings I never got when it wasn't a job. So thanks, everyone... this one's for you!
Not literally of course, it's my award and I'm keeping it with me and you can't put your grubby mitts on it, so nyeh. You can come and look at it anytime, though.

For those interested, I was also nominated in 2005 for Outstanding Story Concept. I didn't win, but still. Good for me. Good for us.

And I was nominated yet again in 2007 for Outstanding Black and White Art. Again, I didn't win, but hey! Nominated.

- Ooooh... what could this unloaded image be? You'll never know! Ha! Huahahah! Haha! Heh. Ehh.
It was funny for a few years.