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Sat, Aug 23, 2014 If you're confused, Sam's having a bit of a flashback to worse days with Sandra. Let's focus on something more pleasant... Fan art! Cat Caro graces Zandra with a marvelous portrait depicting her current disposition. Art is the ultimate drug, it gets you high both coming and going! As always, I throw my thanks violently into the audience.

Now, I think I'll give Zandra's Ask Blog a larger link... that button on the right's downright tiny. But at least it's a start.

Sat, Aug 16, 2014 I'm going to have to whistle up a banner for Zandra's Ask Blog, because it's really taking off! Check it out, if you're so inclined! Oh Zandra, such a zany character is what you are.

Hunh... I don't think I have much else to say this week. Except of course to continue to express my gratitude for everyone who's supporting the comic! But beyond that... gee... hey, I know! Speaking of Tumblr, I'll point you at something else that you might enjoy.

I recently was directed to The Artworks of Cat Caro. I think she's a brilliant artist and storyteller, and she deserves more exposure. I encourage you to investigate, there's a recently posted comic which I found particularly compelling.

So now I really am out of things to say. I just know I'll think of something later...

Sat, Aug 9, 2014 Volume One of Zebra Girl now exists as an e-book! Not necessarily a very good e-book, but I'm sure I should leave that up to your discretion. Heaven knows that nothing's ever good enough for me. I'll be sending it out to my Patreon Pals who qualify, and I'll set up a payment option on the site by next week so that it can be ordered like the print version through PayPal.

"Pal." Hunh. That's a word that loses its meaning real fast. It's already just gibberish. Most words you have to say like a dozen times before they go numb, but "pal" just zips right into nonsense.

But now I can endure all folly, because Zandra's got her blog up and running! Wow! And... I don't know, I guess it helps. Hey, whatever, it's neat that Zandra's got her blog! It could start a new era! It could bring on world peace, or plunge the Earth into dimness. If you'd like to ask her a question, try your luck! Maybe she'll help you! Or maybe it'll be awful! She might laugh in your face, or ignore you completely! I can't control her! What makes you think I could!?

Now once more I'll thank everyone who helps me, whether it's through Patreon, purchasing the book, voting my comic up a notch on this crazy list, writing a nice e-mail, or just by being out there and reading. I'll throw my thanks all over your faces! You're filthy with my gratitude! FILTHY!

Absolutely filthy.

Sat, Aug 2, 2014 Those sideburns look eerily familiar... like an apparition from a half-remembered story arc buried beneath the flaky crust of time... Oh, I never intended for so many of my characters to have tremendous sideburns. It just turned out that way.

Speaking of which (that is to say, things turning out), remember what I told you was enormously possible? Yes, Zandra's blog and the first e-book will have to come next week, but only because I've been busy breaking ground at last on the next book (and also doing unmentionable things, but for the purpose of this news post we'll just focus on the book)! That's right, thanks in large part to the heartwrenching generosity of many kind souls, especially... well, I won't name names, you know who you are... I've finally had the space of mind to get the Hell started on the next printed volume of Zebra Girl. I'm going to call it... "Volume 2: The Twilight Zoo!" Enh? Enh? Isn't that clever? Well it's a work in progress.

And hey, I'm not just talking about the people who've given through the Patreon system! I also mean those of you who've taken the time to just write in support of my work. It's endlessly inspiring, and I thank you. I heatedly, violently thank you. You've all chipped in in some form or other to make Zebra Girl feel like a success.

For those who've become patrons, you can expect your rewards soon! Turn of the month and all. And I'm sure I'll have the blog and the first e-book ready by next week! I'm sure it's a possibility! Relatively sure, anyway... well it'll be a wonderful surprise if it works out, won't it?

Sat, Jul 26, 2014 This page was going to have words. But my mother, who's been an artist and designer herself, looked at it and said, "this doesn't need words!" And it just made more and more sense. She gives good advice.

And something else that's good is the Patreon campaign, or, more accurately, all of you who continue to contribute and make this comic a wonderful fairy adventure! Zandra's Ask Blog and the first e-book will be available next week! Unless I screw up, which is enormously possible. Hey, fingers crossed. But it's the least I can do! Actually, I'm a little worried that it is the least I can do. But I've been getting lots of very good feedback, which should keep me pointed in the right direction. Remember, whether it's money or words or just your presence in the audience, it all helps to make Zebra Girl more than what it would be otherwise! Thanks again.

Now it's time to start my long, lonely, grueling journey towards the next page.

Sat, Jul 19, 2014 Sorry about the recent down time, folks. Something went wrong with something and someone had to fix it. But isn't that always the way? Yeah. That's the way. But it's solved now, apparently, so... enjoy.
Sat, Jul 12, 2014 Hey, it's vampires. When you've got a story with vampires in it there's got to be a scene like this sooner or later, it doesn't matter how gross you make them.

Sat, Jul 5, 2014 Does this seem a little kinky to anyone else? Not that... not that I meant it that way. I mean... nevermind. There's a, um, change of subject right there.

Any Patreon subscribers who have yet to receive their monthly "nude" comics, never fear! Unless, I don't know, you're being attacked by a bear or something. Then you ought to reasonably be very afraid, but not where I'm concerned! Some of last month's pledges have been taking a little longer to come through, so it seemed like I should wait an extra day or two to send out the rewards package. I'd do it now, but I'm not at my usual computer. As always you all have my most profound gratitude for your support of me and my work, it's been a marvelous boon.

Speaking of all that, I haven't forgotten the stretch goals that have been met! The first mandated monthly video's been posted (if that's what you want to call it), and the eBook versions of the comic are still very much on their way. Oh, man, they're going to exist so hard it won't even be funny.

As for Zandra, I've decided to create an "Ask" Blog! You know, one of those things where people can send questions to someone and they'll answer in comic form. It seems like that's pretty much the modern version of a "journal," and I think it would suit Zandra. I've never made one of these things, though, so I'm moving slowly (which tends to be my default speed when I do anything ever). If anyone knows of any helpful links or has personal experience that might help me to put this together, feel free to contact me. I don't mind asking for help, I'm humble that way. I'm so humble it's sexy.

...Sexy. Yeah...

Sat, Jun 28, 2014 This week's page is going to be up a bit later than usual today, probably sometime this evening. Various factors conspired against me, as various factors have been known to do. Don't worry, though. We'll get them back for this somehow. We'll make them pay.

Sat, Jun 21, 2014 This is the third scariest date this guy's ever been on.

So how do you like the shading lately? I brought that shading with Patreon money, y'know. That's thanks to viewers like you!

All joking aside, seriously. I'll thank the HELL out of you people.

Sat, Jun 14, 2014 Yeah, you all knew she was going to be scary. But you didn't know she'd be, like... SCARY scary. Though the real irony here is that this guy knows a guy who would totally be into this sort of thing.

You may notice I'm attempting to push my limits concerning contrast and shading. It's something I've always meant to improve. Now seems like the right time... maybe we're finally testing that line between urban fantasy and the horror genre.

Meanwhile, hey, I've reached yet another Patreon milestone! This means that, in addition to Zandra's Journal and the E-Books, I'm now obligated to make at least one YouTube video per month. And now I'm going to need to make some new goals! I'm open to suggestions, in case anyone wants to sound out. For example, there are books that need printing... At any rate, thanks again to everyone who's decided to become a patron, it's making a hugely positive difference.

And with that I vanish in a sulfurous cloud of stinking black smoke.

Sat, Jun 7, 2014 First I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the Patreon deal since last week, you're all fine human beings. Thanks to you and your ilk there'll soon be a few new features to mess around with... like Zandra scribbling up vignettes for us again. I'm thinking that she should start herself a Tumblr. That seems like it would suit her.

Also, those of you who've pledged enough to earn one e-book might want to think about which one you want. Volume 1 covers the comics from May 2000 through September 2002, Volume 2 will run the story from November 2002 to April of 2005, volume 3 will pick up from there and go through October 2009, and volume 4 will consist of the comics from November 2009 into November 2013. Those will all be available soon, barring incompetence.

Completely hopping topics here, did anyone notice the fan fiction page was missing a story? How long had that been going on? Thankfully I can edit the site again, so if you never heard of it, check out Tom Irony's A Million Shades of Grey. It should have been brought to your attention a long time ago. Heck, it dates from before Sandra went to Dreamland!

Oh, I remember when I used to get fan fiction. Those were good days. But hey, right now's turning out to be good days too!

Sat, May 31, 2014 Dublin's a swell town. Any of you out there reading this from Ireland, you have my congratulations for keeping your realm clean and whimsical. But now I'm back, and if anyone can guess which cult classic TV show I've referenced in today's comic I'll be relatively surprised. Meanwhile, the management begs your patience while we finalize Wally's facial hair.

That having been said, it's come to my attention that you people are wonderful. The Patreon system has really taken off, and I guess I underestimated you all because it's moving up the goal ladder faster than I anticipated! I'm going to have to scramble a bit to get those promises met, so I'll thank you for your patience (I might've been further along but I caught a cold this week and my attention was diverted by the task of producing my own body weight in snot). But thanks to your generosity, E-Books of Zebra Girl will be coming into existence over the next few weeks and sent out to many of you. All of you who've set up recurring payments of any amount will be getting "naked" Zebra Girl comics delivered soon, and several of you will even be getting a requested doodle! Man. At this rate I'm going to have to come up with some new rewards!

And of course it goes without saying that this is a tremendous help to me and the comic. I can't say that Zebra Girl isn't often a struggle... in fact I can say quite the opposite. It's very often a struggle. I used to think that I'd get a handle on it after a while, but fourteen years later I still sweat every single page. So thanks, each and every one of you... and not just those of you who support me monetarily. If all you do is click me up the webcomic list now and then, heck, if all you do is just read Zebra Girl, then you're helping me in ways that can't be measured.

And yes, if you hadn't noticed, I AM finally capable of fixing the site. Feels damn good not to be hanging around in that "Does Something" box for a change.